Energy Exchange

Don’t you love it when a friend or family member suggests a book to you that you really enjoy and then you turn around and suggest one that they think is wonderful? When this happens, it’s not just an exchange of books, it’s an exchange of energy. There’s something dynamic and alive about this kind of trade because someone is making an active decision about might matter to you — what you might enjoy and benefit from — and you are doing the same for them.

Just the other day, my dear friend Linda told me that she had recommended The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks to a friend of hers. Then she said that this friend had recommended a book to her called The Invisible Thread — and that she was finding it to be a fascinating story.

What a gift! Some of my writing buddies are major fans of William Trevor and Alice Munro and after being inspired by them to read both these authors, I totally understand their enthusiasm and share it. Another friend is currently reading War and Peace — a hefty tome — but says that he’s having a great time with it and has promised to lend it to me when he’s done. And just today, Alex finished Atonement by Ian McEwan and said that he thought I’d really enjoy it.

Isn’t it wonderful when someone you cherish gives you the gift of introducing you to a new author? Let’s read on — and write on!

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    Books great gifts sharing

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