Refreshing Pauses

There are times we all feel a little less than focused and energetic, and when this happens, our work may seem to flag along with our spirits. When and if this happens, taking a 10-to- 15 minute break can really help boost your productivity. A few suggestions you might try:

Listen to a guided meditation: There are plenty of 10-15 minute meditations that allow you to trigger your creativity, let go of muscles tension and give your mind a rest. Just put on a headset, close your eyes, and enjoy feeling peace and relaxation.

Step outside: Leaving your work space and enjoying a walk in the snow, a shot of sunlight, and hearing the birds sing can do wonders for both mind and body. You will come back feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle your work with fresh energy.

Eat an apple S-L-O-W-L-Y: In the middle of a busy day, when you feel rushed, take a 2-3 minute break to eat an apple (or another fruit). But here’s the trick: do it very slowly. Notice the flavor, the texture, the freshness. Doing something at a slow pace can feel odd and even silly. But after a few minutes you feel much calmer and less stressed.

Say Thank you: Grab a note card and your favorite pen and jot down a quick handwritten note thank you to someone you appreciate. Then attach a stamp and go downstairs and actually drop it in a mailbox. This simple act of gratitude will take your focus away from any thorny work problems and instantly put you in a good mood.

Read a magazine or a book: Take a mini-staycation: Spend your break reading something that has nothing to do with your area of work or the latest news. Give your brain the pleasure of not to thinking, being stressed or making decisions.

And then, write on!

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  1. anne says:

    Also a nice shower or bubbly bath

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