Five Times

Here’s an interesting question that popped up on my friend and mentor Rob Gilbert’s Success Hotline (973.743.4690): The Seahawks ended up scoring five times as many points as the Broncos in Sunday’s Super Bowl game — did they actually play five times better? No, not really — that was Rob’s answer.

But here’s one big the reason the Seahawks won according to Rob: they showed five times more energy on the field. I have to agree. From start to finish they showed enormous pep, while for most of the game, the Broncos seemed to be “mailing it in” as Rob put it. Instead of getting motivated when the Seahawks started scoring, the Broncos seemed to deflate.

And then, Rob said something that really got me jazzed, which is why I want to share it with you: He said that whatever we’re trying to do, we can each win our personal Super Bowl every day,” if we “out-attitude” and “out-effort” whoever is on the field with us. I love this idea! Can we put more energy into what we’re doing — can we “out-effort” ourselves and our previous attempts at something? Yes! Can we maintain an upbeat stance toward the challenges we face — can we “out-attitude” ourselves and other people around us? Yes!

And here’s the kicker: Can we put in five times more energy and positive feelings into what we’re doing? Why not? Why shouldn’t we be able to? Sure, it may be ambitious, but just consider the upside: What kind of a writing day or session could you have if you tackled the page with five times more enthusiasm and focus than you usually do? It would be fantastic! And the more excited you became, the more you’d accomplish. Wouldn’t that be grand? Write on!

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