Hope Springs

“Where’s there’s life, there’s hope.”

And where there’s hope, there’s life. “Hope springs eternal” — this is the phrase that sprang to mind as I watched the opening ceremony for the this year’s Winter Olympics. Along with the fabulous extravaganza that the host city Sochi mounted, I love seeing all the athletes march into the stadium.

Some countries had only one young man or woman competing; others like the United States and Russia, had hundreds. But one or many, they were filled with joy, enthusiasm, and hope — and it was beautiful and inspiring to see.

At the opening ceremony, for a brief moment in time, everyone is equal in one sense: everyone still has hope. For a brief time, everyone dwells in the Land of Possibilities. Once the competition starts, things change. There are winners — and losers. But before the games begin, hope springs.

Every day, the same is true for us. We can turn to our writing session, whenever it is, with joy, enthusiasm, and hope. We can dwell in the Land of Possibilities. We can give ourselves the opportunity to find meaning on the page — and to share it. We can lift ourselves up and look to the hills and see something new and bright and shining there. And we can move toward it, word by word by word. So let’s write on.

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