Fresh Beginning

Every minute is a new opportunity. Each time the clock ticks, you have the chance to start over.
Post-It Note in my office

Just now, sitting at my computer, this little note scrawled in red ink and stuck on a shelf caught my eye and my mind. It reminded me of a little poem that sits in a beautiful frame by my bed. It’s on a beautiful old postcard that I picked up somewhere.Set in lovely, lacy old-fashioned scrolling type are these words:

Every Day
is a
Fresh Beginning:
Every Morn is the
World Made New.
Here is
A Beautiful Hope
For Me
And a
Beautiful Hope
For You.

This little poem nestles in its frame right beside me. I keep it nearby to remind me that every day I have the chance to start over. Whatever the day before was like, this day is a fresh beginning, a new start. And as my little Post-It says, every minute is a new opportunity, an invitation to create something fresh and wonderful. What a gift!

There is a “Morning Song” in my YA novel that I just realized was probably inspired by the poem above. One verse goes like this:

Come, sweet morning, kiss my face
Hold me in your soft embrace!
Count my troubles
Make them few
Let my heart be born anew.
Let my heart be born anew!

Writing doesn’t always flow like a river. Sometimes we struggle and stumble. Sometimes we fall. Sometimes we wander and stray from our intended path. Sometimes our energy is at a low ebb. Sometimes our hearts feel burdened. But wherever we are and however we are feeling, at any given moment, we have the chance to start afresh, to begin a new page, and let it take us someplace wonderful. Let’s use this gift this week. Write on!

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  1. anne says:

    True love this happy monday

  2. Janis Quinn says:

    “Come sweet morning kiss my face.” That was delicious – xxoo

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