Six C’s

Commitment. Confidence. Consistency. In a recent Success Hotline message (973.743.4690), my friend and mentor Rob Gilbert talked about these three C’s as the building blocks of a successful endeavor. Let’s explore their meaning to us as writers:

Commitment: In my mind, a commitment is a promise we make to ourselves — something we take a stand on that’s important and motivating to us. We reach deep into ourselves and decide that whatever we choose to do simply has to be done, without exception. We say to ourselves, “I can, I will, I must” — and we make it happen.

Confidence: This is a “can do” feeling that springs from our belief in our work. Whatever the challenges, we feel equal to them. Confidence is a belief in our innate ability to achieve what we set out to do — to find our way. Yes, there will be obstacles. Yes, doubts will assail us — but like the wind that blows through the branches of a tree, our doubts may shake us, but we will stand strong and they will pass away.

Consistency: Staying power — the willingness and steadiness of purpose to sustain our commitment through the daily rounds of life. To fulfill our commitment and bolster our confidence, we need to persevere and build momentum through sustained action.

I’d add three C’s to this list:

Concentration: One-pointedness. The ability to screen out distractions and turn all our mental powers to the job at hand. When we concentrate fully, we are in flow: Time stops and there is only now.

Creativity: We have everything we need inside us — a boundless wellspring of ideas we can tap into when we are relaxed yet focused, when we let our work lead us where it wants to go. Relaxed alertness is the open door to creativity.

Courage: The strength and resolve to be bigger than our fears — to see them as paper tigers and break through the self-imposed barriers we build for ourselves. The courage to both dream and do, to fuel our passion with discipline.

Commitment. Confidence. Consistency. Concentration. Creativity. Courage. These are the coin of the realm for us. Let’s seek them — and spend them wisely. And write on!

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