Hidden World

“The world comes swirling at you, but you don’t let it devour you.”
Sharry Traver Underwood

“Do you know what I love about your book? It is so lively – it bounces along as you get into all kinds of adventures – good and bad. I even like the technical parts, too. I am enjoying being in your world.”

Kay Smith, reader

Every so often, I come across a heartwarming author’s story — one that reminds me just how satisfying it can be to hold a book that you’ve written in your hands. That’s exactly how I felt when I read an article about Sharry Traver Underwood and a memoir she published at the age of 90 called, No Daughter of Mine is Going to Be a Dancer! Instantly, I fell in love with this feisty, exuberant title.

As the Foreword puts it, “This is the dancing memoir of one young woman, who, through courage, hard work, and persistence managed to not only become a dancer, but to work with some of the greatest legends in the business. Read about her determined journey and meet Agnes de Mille, Ted Shawn, Ruth St. Denis and go back in time to the very first Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.”

As a young woman, Sharry ran away from home and her disapproving parents to dance in the 1940s, just as the modern dance and the Broadway theater were being transformed, with Agnes de Mille’s fresh and exciting choreography for Oklahoma! setting the stage for a uniquely American form of theater dance.

In No Daughter of Mine, Sharry opens up a hidden world to readers — a world of creativity and experimentation that we might otherwise never have a chance to see through the eyes of a young, start-struck dancer. What a gift!

I just love the idea that after decades as a dancer, teacher, and dance critic Sharry found the time and energy to look back over her life experience and weave it into a story. To self-publish her memoir at 90 — what an inspiring accomplishment! George Eliot once said, “It is never too late to be what you might have been” – and now, this feisty, pioneering dancer has added “author” to her list of credits. Bravo, Sharry — write on!

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