Cloud Crafting

Not long ago, someone I know quoted a passage by a writer in which he talked about how transforming it was to think of whatever he was working on in terms of clouds, not bricks. What a liberating idea!

Sometimes, when we’re writing, it seems as if we are pushing around bricks with little satisfaction or joy. Have you ever felt this way? I certainly know the feeling — just like Sisyphus, shoving his stone up a mountain only to have it fall down again — I seem to be standing still.

Working with bricks is hard going. But clouds — now that’s another story altogether!

Clouds float effortlessly across the sky, constantly changing shape yet never straining for an effect.
They are airy and light, composed of tiny droplets that come together and drift apart naturally and easefully. They merge and melt away playfully and airily.

How freeing it can be to think of writing this way! To work, not with bricks, heavy and unyielding, but with clouds: pliant and playful, skimming across the page.

What a different feeling this image can imbue your day with! Everything seems easier, more natural and organic, less effortful and driven. Things emerge and arise fluidly; they come together without strain — naturally attracted by each other, assuming their most potent shape.

Just imagining all this is fueling my creative juices! I’m going to give up bricklaying and take up cloud crafting. How about you? Write on!

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