Something Wonderful

Here is a lovely passage from Remembrance of Things Past by Marcel Proust:

“I found the whole path throbbing with the fragrance of hawthorn-blossom.
The hedge resembled a series of chapels, whose walls were not longer visible
under the mountains of flowers that were heaped upon their altars; while
beneath them the sun cast a checkered light upon the ground, as though
it had just passed through a stained-glass window; and their scent swept
over me, as unctuous,as circumscribed in its range, as though I had been
standing before the Lady-altar, and the flowers, themselves, adorned also,
held out each its little bunch of glittering stamens with an absent-minded air,
delicate radiating veins in the flamboyant style like those which, in the church,
framed the stairway to the rood-loft or the mullions of the windows and
blossomed out into the fleshy whiteness of strawberry flowers. How simple and
rustic by comparison would seem the dog-roses which in a few weeks’ time
would be climbing the same path in the heat of the sun, dressed in the
smooth silk of their blushing pink bodices that dissolve in the
first breath of wind.”

Volume 1, Swann’s Way (p. 150)

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