Enterprising Authors

“If there are no doors open, then go find a window!
Don’t take no for an answer.”
Bobbi Brown

I’ve just spent most of my day preparing for a talk about Birthing the Elephant, my action guide for women entrepreneurs (www.birthingtheelephant.com). The word “entrepreneur” comes from “enterprise,” which my beloved Century Dictionary defines as a “project undertaken that requires boldness and energy, adventurous spirit.”

Boldness, energy, adventurous spirit — these are clearly qualities that we need to bring to our own enterprises as writers. And to succeed in our chosen calling, we also need to act like entrepreneurs. What does this mean exactly?

Cultivating persistence: An entrepreneur is someone who will go over, under, around, and through any obstacle in her path on the road to realizing her dream. Staying power and stick-to-it-iveness: these are the keys to persistence.

Leaving our comfort zones: As my friend and mentor Coach Tully said so well, “Your dream always lies outside your comfort zone.” To realize our dreams, we need to push past our self-imposed limitations and stretch ourselves.

Meeting obstacles with optimism: Successful entrepreneurs are proactive, forward-looking problem-solvers. They don’t waste time on negative emotions when they hit a roadblock; instead, they shift into creative brainstorming and look for the easiest, most efficient solution to a problem.

Tapping into our ingenuity: Entrepreneurs are endlessly resourceful — they are constantly coming up with new and better ways to accomplish their goals.

Whether we face a thorny plot dilemma, a flabby dialogue sequence, or navigating the publishing world, let’s act like entrepreneurs: Let’s bring boldness, energy, and an adventurous spirit to the challenge — and write on!

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