Swing Time

Some fascinating baseball stats, compliments of my friend and mentor Rob Gilbert’s Success Hotline (973.743.4690):

Babe Ruth, the guy who once held the record for hitting the most home runs also made the record books for having the most strike outs.

Ty Cobb, who held the record for stealing the most bases also held the record for getting caught most often for trying to steal bases.

Pete Rose, who set the record for most career hits also set the record for most career outs.

What’s the takeaway here for us as writers? The Babe, Ty, and Pete all enjoyed enormous success, but they each endured and triumphed over enormous rejection. The Babe hit scores of home runs, but he also went down swinging over and over and over again. But he never let his wipe outs wipe him out: He always fought through them and came out on top. He knew that you can’t score a hit if you don’t take a swing.

Here’s something Rob Gilbert says that’s worth pondering: “A setback is a set up for a comeback.” So the next time your writing life throws you a curve ball and you’re up close and personal with a rejection, remember the “SW Formula”

Some Will
Some Won’t
So What!
Someone or Something is Waiting
Stick With it

So keep swinging, stealing bases, and writing on!

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