Making Magic

“Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.”
Pamela Vaull Starr

“The acorn represents planting the seed of a creative idea, plants and trains are what we work with while we reach for the moon & stars.”
Logo for Applied Imagination

Incredible. Wondrous. Magical. No other words can describe the experience I just had, along with David and Alex, when we visited the New York Botanical Garden’s Holiday Train Show. What a gift to see a lovely conservatory transformed into a wonderland!

The trains were great, but what really astonished me were the amazing replicas of NY landmarks — more than 100 of them — nestled among plants and flowers and ponds. These fantastic buildings were fashioned from twigs, seeds, pods, leaves, nuts, and bark into intricate, delicate works of art. The creative mastermind behind this amazing exhibit (and many more around the country) is Paul Busse, a landscape architect and train lover, who single-handedly invented “botanical architecture.” To see some of the amazing art he and his team have created, visit — and give yourself a gift!

Imagine a NY Public Library built entirely of twigs, seed pods, and bark; and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, and dozens of other landmarks — all fashioned from nature’s bounty. Gazing around, I couldn’t help but ponder the creativity that inspired it all and what we, as writers, might harvest and apply to our own work. A few thoughts that might prove fruitful:

Abundance is all around us: Applied Imagination is based in Kentucky, and its team combs nearby woodlands for materials. Newspaper items, events, dreams, memories: ideas and inspiration are everywhere, ripe for plucking and transforming in our work.

Reach for the stars: Each work of art, whether it’s made of acorns and twigs, or words and rhythms, begins with a vision. Why not aim high and let your vision lead you, seed by seed, word by word, toward its fulfillment?

Choose joy: As Paul Busse says, “Our bottom line is happiness. I’m so blessed that I found a job to make people happy.” Let’s approach our own calling as a blessing — and write on!

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