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Early morning coffee is a wonderful thing on a frosty day — especially when it’s served up at a cozy café called Java Love. And coffee is better still with a generous dose of energy-exchanging conversation between writers passionately pursuing the same genre, but from wildly different angles. That’s exactly what happened today as Robin, a fellow YA enthusiast, and I bonded over coffee and craft talk.

When the ever-creative Joanne Zippel of Zip Creative suggested that Robin and I had a lot in common and would enjoy meeting, it sounded like a great idea. As a gifted coach who works with artists and authors, Joanne is a consummate connector who knows how energizing a heady mix of ideas and shared passions can be. And she was right!

Robin and I started chatting practically before we sat down, and could easily have kept going nonstop through a couple more rounds of java. Maybe it was the hi-test coffee or the crisp winter air, but we were flying high and having loads of fun.

I talked about my historical fantasy, which couldn’t be more different from the modern-day setting that Robin is contemplating for her YA novel — but that made our genre give-and-take all the more exciting. And Robin described her wonderfully inventive scenario and the fabulous title she’s come up with, which I feel sure is going to be a hit.

Robin offered to read my newest revision — a true gift, because a fresh pair of eyes is always a huge help. And I’m going to track down some leads which may help her push forward with developing her story. All this made me realize the rich benefits that an energy exchange between writers in the same genre can provide:

We get a psychic boost from a friendly shot of someone else’s enthusiasm and interest.

We see that we’ve made more progress and overcome more obstacles than we realized.

We get an infusion of ideas, feedback, and support — motivational and inspirational.

So if you need an energy boost, why not find a fellow traveler in your genre and have a chat over coffee? You might even try the “Energy Boost” at Java Love — it sounds great! Thanks Robin and Joanne — write

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  1. Wow. Thank you so much, Karin. That was wonderful. Maybe we can have our own writer’s group – at Java Love. And my son and I are awaiting your pages!

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