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There are tons of conferences for aspiring and established writers going on all across the country — far too many for me to spotlight. But from time to time, one pops up that sounds especially promising. This time around, it’s GrubStreet’s 14th annual “Muse & The Marketplace” conference, which takes place over a long weekend, May 1-3, in Boston. Over 140 authors, literary agents, editors, and publishers present at the Muse.

Here’s what I like about this program: Just as its name suggests, it combines literary events and insightful forays into the worlds of book publishing and promotion. On all three days, nationally-recognized established and emerging authors lead sessions on the craft of writing– the “muse” side — while editors, literary agents, publicists and other industry professionals focus on the business side– the “marketplace.” A few highlights to spark your interest and show you what’s out there:

The Muse 2015 features over 110 craft and publishing sessions with an impressive line-up of authors, including Charles Baxter, Richard Blanco, Joy Castro, Alice Hoffman, Sue Miller, Jacquelyn Mitchard, Celeste Ng, Anita Shreve, and many more.

Agents, editors, and industry professionals include Noah Ballard, Laura Biagi, Libby Burton (Twelve), Cynthia Cannell, Cherise Fisher, Kate Gale (Red Hen), Laura Gross, Amaryah Orenstein, Megan Reid (Simon & Schuster), Peter Blackstock (Grove), Lindsey Schwoeri (Penguin), Leah Miller (Rodale), Lane Shefter Bishop (Vast Entertainment), and agents Miriam Altshuler, Regina Brooks, Ayanna Coleman, Shaun Dolan, April Eberhardt, Sorche Fairbank, Robert Guinsler, Kathleen Nishimoto, Jessica Papin, Mitchell Waters, Kent Wolf, and many more.

A conference like this can offer helpful networking opportunities and the chance to get your work in front of agents and editors who can provide valuable feedback, encouragement, and publishing outlets. If you have a project that’s polished and ready to be read, these kinds of vehicles for exposure can be worth checking out. For more information, visit: — and write on!

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