Writing Angels

I have no idea why, but I woke up with the birds today. Who knows, maybe I have birds on the brain because I’m revising a scene in my children’s novel when my heroine encounters some hawk chicks. In any case, I bolted awake at six in the morning. Since it was one of the two mornings each week that I go for a run, I decided to be especially virtuous and get up and out early.

Where I live, the grass is now green and the flowers are budding — it’s a feast for the eyes and heart to be out and about. Bolstered by a cup of java, I walked over to the rubberized track where I run. I’m a writer, I should be more accurate: I jog, trot, lope around a quarter-mile track, which gives me the cheerful illusion that I am actually exercising — as recommended by our pal Twyla (see Start Moving!)

One of the best things about this jogging jag of mine is the route I take. While getting my caffeine fix, I amble past long lines of houses, many of them with lovely gardens. But my favorite patch of earth sits in front of a house that’s shaded by an old, now-budding tree. And underneath it, right next to a few nodding daffodils, are two weathered metal angels stuck into the ground. Every time I pass the house, I greet them — and they greet me. I’ve come to think of them as two of my writing angels.

As soon as I see them, I stop for a moment and silently invoke their writing help for the day. Now, I am blessed with many writing angels in my life: My darling sister Stephanie, my wonderful husband David and son Alex, my writing group: Nancy, Donna, Priscilla, Marne, and Davids P and H, my pals at the Write Group, and my dear friends Linda, Katie, Wendy and many others, all of whom give me pep talks and help. But here’s one thing I’ve learned on my writing journey: When it comes to writing angels, the more the merrier! You can never have too many hearts and hands shepherding you along.

How about you? Who are the writing angels in your life? Why not take a moment to thank them and summon up their support as you write on?

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  1. Janis says:

    I am not a writer but you are an Angel to me!

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