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One of the most promising publishing innovations that many creatives, from artists to authors, have benefited from is crowdfunding via newer niche sites like Pubslush and well-established sites like Kickstarter.

Of all the authors I know, my friend Hank Quense is definitely one the most enterprising. He’s just launched an exciting Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for his next novel, Moxie’s Decision. Why? Hank has two reasons: the world needs more lighthearted parodies and publishing books is expensive.

Hank’s Kickstarter campaign runs from May 1 to May 31 — and he’s created a fabulous web page for it that’s fun and informative:

I’ve read Moxie’s Problem, the first book in his series — and laughed out loud. It’s a hilarious romp through King Arthur’s court — a court like no other you’ve ever read about. His new novel, Moxie’s Decision — the one he’s raising funds for via Kickstarter — promises to be equally entertaining. Both novels are set in Camelot. But it’s not the traditional Camelot — this Camelot is in a parallel universe.

Not only is Hank doing a masterful job of revamping the legend of King Arthur and his knights, he’s also created a masterful Kickstarter page where you’ll find:

• A fun, tantalizing video that hits the highlights of his hilarious story.
• A very clear description of his self-funding goals.
• A pie chart that breaks down his costs for publishing and marketing.
• An entertaining summary of his two Moxie novels and their zany plots.
• An array of rewards for contributors: his great ebook series on self-publishing and marketing, print books, special packages, and one-on-one consults in which Hank shares his formidable expertise on fiction writing, self-publishing, and book marketing. I’ve taken his Story Design workshop twice while writing my novel — and learned a lot!

We all have to become more resourceful and entrepreneurial when it comes to sharing our work with readers. Along with his amazing — and wacky — imagination, the qualities I admire most about Hank are his drive and his ingenuity. He’s constantly pushing the envelope by embracing innovative new ways to get his stories out into the world. You can help support Hank’s Kickstarter campaign by making a contribution or by sharing his Kickstarter link. Bravo, Hank — write on!

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