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Feeling lucky? Have a book that you would love to write and see published? If so, then you might want to check out an upcoming contest I was just alerted to. It’s being sponsored by a trio of reputable resources: Writer’s Digestmagazine, BookBaby, and Edit 911. The prize? An independent publishing package worth almost $3,000.00.

The package is designed to help you take your book, whether fiction or nonfiction, from the concept stage through publication and distribution. Here’s an overview of what the prize package offers:

Writer’s Digest will supply you with the tools you need to craft your story, including a one-year subscription to its magazine; a suite of how-to guides on writing, self-editing, and revision; entrance to the popular 2015 Writer’s Digest Conference; free one-year access to the full array of Writer’s Digest online tutorials; and Scrivener Story Writing Software.

When your draft is ready, seasoned professionals at Edit911 will help you polish your manuscript to prepare it for publication. Once the editing process is completed, BookBaby’s $1500.00+ independent publishing package will help you get your story out into the world via a custom cover design; 100 printed books; eBook conversion and global distribution; and print-on-demand global distribution.

If you have a book idea that’s keeping you up at nights, then entering a contest like this might be just what you need to fire yourself up. Even if the odds of winning it are stacked against you, just the act of taking even a small step like this toward publication might create some forward momentum. It might help you feel that you’re taking action — a positive step toward fulfilling your dream.

It might inspire you to start jotting down notes on your story idea, write an outline, and start pounding the keys or pulling out pen and paper. And if you have a manuscript in development, this package could provide everything you need to whip it into shape and get it into print, from Scrivener software to editing and revision support. What a gift!

So often we have book ideas that we simply let languish. If you have one that you’re longing to share with the world, then you might consider signing up for this prize package. There’s no cost. You can find the details by Googling The deadline is June 15. One winner will be randomly chosen on June 22. So if you’re feeling lucky, why not go for it? Or if you’re feeling frustrated, why not go for it? Remember, you have to be in it to win it. Someone’s going to enter and grab the prize. Why not you? Write on!

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    What about you Karin? Your book is almost ready. Why not enter?

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