“Unfinished Chapters”

Whenever I see an opportunity for getting into print that I feel might be of interest to my KWD community, I’m always happy to pass it on. Just recently, on the wonderful site, Where Writers Win, I came across an intriguing contest inviting writers to submit their work for possible inclusion in a paperback anthology called, Unfinished Chapters. According to the contest description, the anthology “will feature the best original essays by writers across the country and around the world” in the following categories:

Disappearing Acts: This category is about guesses and speculations, dogged pursuits of the truth, acceptance of the loss, and moving on.

Too Late for Goodbye: This category is about all the words you wished you had said and the unfinished business of apologizing for some of those conversations you now regret.

I Do” It Over: This category is all about what you’d do differently to make things work the second time around, including orchestrating the timeframe to meet earlier or later than you actually did.

The Wonder Years: This category is about the classmates who either got away or moved away and left you to wonder how they turned out.

Ships That Pass: This category is about random conversations that held your attention for their duration but were not meant by Fate – or either participant – to go any further.

The anthology is slated for publication in the Fall of 2015. Authors of the top three entries submitted will receive $200, $100 and $75. Essays must be a minimum of 1,200 words and a maximum of 2,000 words, and can be humorous, serious, nostalgic or wistfully introspective. Each contributor whose essay is selected for publication will have his/her bio included in the credits section and receive a free copy. Contest deadline: July 1, 2015. The authors selected will be notified by September 1, 2015.

If you’d like to enter, submit an email to the editor at authorhamlett@cs.com with the subject line: “I Have An Unfinished Chapter.” The body of your email should include:

Your Name
Contact Information
Your Chosen Category
The Proposed Title of Your Essay.

If you have an essay you’ve written or have been meaning to write, or even a chapter in a memoir that seems to fit the anthology’s themes, why not consider it? For full details on submitting, visit: unfinishedchaptersanthology.wordpress.com — and write on!

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