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“Publish a book, change the world!”
Ally Nathaniel

Writing success stories are always inspiring: they remind us that no matter how tough the publishing field is, there are opportunities to thrive and grow. Ally Nathaniel is a case in point. At a Write Group event, she shared her journey from ebook author to ebook publishing coach.

After being rejected by 100 publishers as a debut author, Ally made the empowering decision to self publish. Starting with absolutely no knowledge of how to get her book into print, but a generous dose of discipline and persistence, she mastered the ups and downs of writing and promoting several children’s books via Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program. One of her first ebooks became an Amazon bestseller and sold more than 30,000 copies. Equipped with her frontline knowledge of how to prepare, publish, and promote an ebook, Ally decided to help other writers realize their own publishing dreams just as she had.

In her seminar, Ally offered some valuable pointers to aspiring ebook authors:

Design an attractive cover — Most readers take from 3 to 7 seconds to decide whether to check out your book; an appealing cover can make a big difference.

Optimize your ebook title and category choices — The simplest way for potential readers to find your book is via online searches, so make it easy for them.

Price your ebook with care — This can be tricky; one helpful approach can be testing different prices to see what nets in the best results.

Choose the best royalty package — KDP and other epublishing sites offer a range of royalty packages; be sure to evaluate them carefully.

Promote your book zealously — “Social proof” — positive feedback and buzz is essential to boosting ebook sales, just as it is to traditionally published books. So be prepared to invest time and energy in building an audience via websites, Facebook groups, contests and other social media avenues.

Avoid “dream crashers” — Once you make a decision to get your book out into the world, don’t let naysayers hold you back; stay true to your dream.

For more advice on epublishing and for coaching support to see your book project from concept through completion, check out http://www.AllyNathaniel.com. Write on!

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