“Come on!”

“Let’s go surfin’ now
Everybody’s learnin’ how
Come on a safari with me,
Come on a safari with me!”

What a gift! When my friend and mentor Coach Mike Tully (Totalgameplan.com) and I chatted recently, he took me on a trip down Memory Lane. He described sitting next to his dad in the family car as a young teen and hearing The Beach Boys on the car radio for the first time They were singing the title song from their debut album, Surfin’ Safari. Coach Tully still remembers the words and the feeling of fun and freedom that this lighthearted song conjured up in him.

“Come on a safari with me!” — that line is “just such a great invitation” to The Beach Boys’ world, Coach Tully enthused. He went on to point out that the words and the music welcome you to that world with joy and gusto and give you the sense that you can be a part of The Beach Boys’ California lifestyle even if you’re a kid from New Jersey or Iowa or Wyoming. You can see what they see, be where they are, do what they do, and be part of a bigger more thrilling and exotic experience. It’s all possible!

“Come on a safari with me” — what an energetic, listener-embracing, enticing welcome to a world! As I caught Coach Tully’s infectious enthusiasm — he sounded like a kid having a blast! — it reminded me of three truths about the magic power of words:

They connect us — They bring us together through shared experiences.

They build new worlds — “Come on a safari with me!” In just six words, the masterful tunesmith Brian Wilson conjured up a tantalizing, inviting, believable world — what a feat!

They make us part of something bigger — They offer us a portal to something beyond ourselves; they reveal truths and sparkling realms that can enrich and transform us.

And isn’t all this exactly what we’re doing when we write? Extending an invitation to our readers — “Come on in, the water’s fine!” — dive into the page with me. Come on, let’s have an adventure together, let’s go someplace exotic and do things we’ve never done before. Come on, let’s share an exciting, rewarding slice of life — we can make it happen.

Let’s take a journey — I’ll write and you’ll read — my page will be your surfboard and together, we can ride the waves. Bravo, Coach Tully — thanks for the invitation and the inspiration. Let’s all go on a safari — and write on!

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  1. Just saw the Beach Boys movie “Love & Mercy” yesterday; enjoyed it; the best thing in it was a complete version of “Good Vibrations” that covered the arrival of the inspiration, the first few notes, the lead-in, the production circus in the studio, the hard work of the back-up musicians, the interplay of the singers as that great harmony was generated. Wish they could have done that with “God Only Knows,” but maybe that’s one of their songs the father sold off without consulting them, and perhaps the filmmakers couldn’t get rights.

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