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“All the training and time away from my wife and my family came to my head and helped me keep pushing to the end…Winning the Tour de France again gives me an unbelievable feeling.”
Chris Froome, 2015champion

The 2015 Tour de France has just wrapped up — what a scorcher! During three weeks and 21 stages, some 160 elite cyclists — the best in the world — rode through steep mountain passes, hairpin turns, death-defying descents, torrid sunshine and battering winds to end up in Paris. From the first days of this year’s Tour, Chris Froome — “Froomie” to his friends — dominated the race. But he didn’t do it alone — his comrades on Team Sky were with him every step of the way.

In pursuing the writing life, we each have our own personal Tour de France to win: It may be finishing a novel, finding an agent, or getting published. Whatever our writing challenge, we can take inspiration from Chris Froome’s formula for success — it’s one we can all use:

Be focused: Chris and his team had a clear, achievable goal: to win the Tour de France.
During long days and months of practice riding together, they never lost sight of their target. For Chris, thinking of his family and teammates kept him going.

Be relentless: It was an exceptionally tough course, but no matter what other riders threw at him, Chris kept his cool and just kept riding on. He may not have the most fluid form, but he had both the legs and the heart to win.

Be patient: Over and over again, the top contenders like Alberto Contador tested Froomie’s strength and resolve. They broke away from him and tried to gain time on the mountains and flats, but Chris never panicked. He stayed within himself and rode his own race, keeping up a steady, strong pace.

Be grateful: Throughout the tour, Chris thanked his team mates for their support. They led him and sheltered him and sacrificed themselves to keep him up front. Cycling is fascinating — it’s both an individual and a team sport. Giving thanks is so important!

Be confident: In the end, it’s all about pushing yourself to new heights and surpassing yourself. And when you prove equal to the challenge, celebrate and give yourself a pat on the back. No matter what each day brought, Chris stayed strong, calm, and confident.

Be happy: When you achieve your dream, celebrate! Drop you game face — and smile!

Let’s recap: Be focused, relentless, patient, grateful, confident, happy. We can do this!
Write on!

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