Something Wonderful

“The people I have known on the water – the old timers I knew – eased with the winds.
Do you think they live high stress? No. They lived simple. Their bodies even moved with it.
They knew a rhythm and a tempo – different from this hard driving tempo we are
into on the beltways. Wheels going to work. Drivin’.

“I once watched an old guy adze out a helm. Adze it out. I watched his rhythm.
I was blown away watching him. He worked that adze down that whole keel.
Whack. Whack. All day long. When you talk to someone like that, or hang out
with them, their whole rhythm of stories, of song, their segue from song to story,
is all in that beautiful simple balance. So I try to get hold of that in my songs,
and in the way I live. It is so important.”

Tom Wisner, folksinger and Chesapeake River advocate, interviewed by
artist Roderick Maciver (

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