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Writing takes focus, mental and physical stamina, and will power. Research shows that the food has an enormous impact on our focus and follow through when working on projects demanding concentration and discipline. Foods that supply our brains with a steady level of glucose can boost our performance. As a rule, any low-glycemic food — lean proteins, vegetables, nuts and fruit — will all give you a healthy dose of energy.

Colin Robertson, in a recent post on his great site called “THE 10 BEST FOODS FOR LONG-LASTING WILLPOWER.” Here are the 10 superstar, brain-fueling foods he’s identified:

1) Poultry/Fish: While all lean meats can help your performance, poultry and fish have the most protein and least fat — and offer the most benefits.

2) Free-Range Eggs: Eggs are back! As Colin notes, “Eggs are one of the most nutrient-rich and healthiest foods available – and they are almost remarkably good for your willpower! The mixture of protein and healthy fat creates a steady stream of glucose for your brain.” Free-range eggs are the best — they offer healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, food for your brain.

3) Tofu: A great choice for vegans who want a steady source of brain-boosting fuel. Make sure you eat it in the purest form; processed foods like tofu nuggets often contain high fructose corn syrup.

4) Split peas/lentils: These legumes have the lowest levels of natural sugar and are least likely to spike you glucose level. will have the most willpower benefits for you. Peas from the pod are best — and so tasty!

5) Almonds & Almond milk: Crave a snack food? Almonds are your best choice. They’ll ease your hunger and fuel your brain with a steady supply of glucose. Almond milk is also a great choice — it has less sugar than cow or soy milk — I love it in my smoothies!

6) Yogurt: Another great snack choice — full of nutrients. For the most brain power, Choose plain yogurt and add fresh fruit. Avoid processed yogurts premixed with fruit — they’ll lead to sugar spikes.

7) Berries: Strawberries! Blueberries! As Colin says, “Pick a berry, any berry. Berries are some of the best options for long-term willpower because of their lower sugar content relative to other fruit options like apples and bananas. They also have the added benefit of being high in fiber and antioxidants, so they are by far the best choice as far as fruit.”

8) Avocados: Another smart fruit option with relatively low sugar and high levels of healthy fats that help you absorb other nutrients more effectively. You can use them in smoothies and as an alternative to mayo when eating tuna or eggs.

9) Sweet potatoes: One of the most nutrient-rich foods around and probably the best source of carbohydrates, they may even help regulate your blood sugar levels. I love a baked sweet potato for lunch with a bit of butter and maple syrup — delicious!

10) Carrots: Another smart snack food. Carrots along with sweet potatoes, are rich in beta-carotene, which the body turns to Vitamin A for energy.

I love this list — I’m going to print it out and hang it in my kitchen! it’s filled with easy-to-enjoy choices that can help us all fuel our brains, improve our focus, boost our energy and get the most out of our writing day. For Colin’s full article and other wonderful advice on will power and high performance, check out Bravo, Colin. Write on!

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