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It’s amazing to see new nontraditional publishing options spring up for writers to share their work with the world. While they all require careful vetting and a “buyer beware” sharp, objective eye, they still may be worth considering.

One new Amazon-based program featured on the Writer’s Digest online newsletter looks intriguing. It’s called Kindle Scout and according to an announcement, it offers “authors an opportunity to kick-start their books and potentially earn a Kindle Press publishing contract – in 45 days or less.”

Writers are invited to submit new unpublished* English-language 50,000+ word books to Kindle Scout for review in these genres: romance, mystery & thriller, science fiction & fantasy, and certain literature & fiction genres including action & adventure, contemporary fiction, and historical fiction. There’s no submission deadline. If your book is selected, you’ll receive the following benefits:

Advance & royalty rates: Kindle Press offers a $1,500 advance and 50% eBook royalty rate. Royalties will be paid monthly.


Select format publication: Kindle Press acquires worldwide publication rights for eBook and audio formats in all languages. Authors retain all other rights, including print.

Renewable terms & royalties: If a book doesn’t earn $25,000 in royalties during an author’s initial 5-year contract term, or any 5-year renewal term after that, the author can choose to stop publishing with Kindle Scout.

Rghts reversion: After two years, rights for any format or language that remains unpublished, or all rights to any book that earns less than $500 in total royalties in the preceding 12-month period, can be reverted upon request — no questions asked.

Downloads & reviews: One week prior to release date, anyone who nominated a book published by Kindle Press will receive a free copy and be invited to leave reviews.

Amazon marketing: Kindle Press books will earn royalties for participation in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited as well as be eligible for targeted email campaigns and promotions.

As always, be sure to review the submission and publishing terms with care. For more information, check out Kindle Press.

* “Never-before-published just means that your book should not have been made available for sale anywhere in the past, in any format, including on Amazon. However, manuscripts that have appeared on blogs or social media sites — where you share drafts of your work, but can’t receive money for them — are eligible.”

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  1. alanasiegel says:

    My book is on the site. 8 more days to vote for it!

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