Good Days

“Every day is a good day.”

“Every day is a good day” — words of wisdom from Dogen, a 13th century Zen Buddhist master worth pondering. Sometimes, it can be hard to feel this way about our writing. We encounter resistance, we feel sluggish, we aren’t totally satisfied with the words that found their way through us. And yet, ultimately, even our toughest days have something golden and precious to offer us. So let’s look a little closer:

“Every day is a good day” when we make a decision, in the moment, to give the best we have to our writing, no matter what. When we come to the page with the intention to work with the fullest energy and concentration we’re capable of, then no matter what happens, it’s a good day.

“Every day is a good day” when we surpass ourselves — when somehow, we manage to dig deeper than we thought possible. When we push past that natural wall of resistance that seems to loom above us and find that it crumbles in the face of our desire to create and something wonderful emerges — it’s a good day.

“Every day is a good day” when we discover that our energy is low and our brain is tired, but even so, we manage to figure out a way to be productive, to take even just a small, simple step that moves us toward our writing goal.

“Every day is a good day” when we start out slow but gather steam as we go. When we find a sudden flash of inspiration in the midst of a writing session that seemed ordinary, but turns out to be extraordinary — a gift from the universe because we’ve shown up and kept going through moments of doubt and discouragement.

“Every day is a good day” when we have a bad day — one where nothing seems to be working — and yet we keep on going, reassured by the certainty that just around the corner there’s a new day waiting for us, bright and shiny, filled with hope and longing that leads to great effort.

“Every day is a good day” when we find that the thorny plot problem we were struggling with in our last writing session suddenly unravels itself before our eyes and we see the way forward — the best, most exciting way to say what we want to say just waiting for us — a quiet, priceless gift.

“Every day is a good day” when we give thanks with a whole heart for the chance to find our way in the world through words and to share our beliefs, hopes, and dreams.

When good days are good days and even bad days are good days, every day is a good day.
Write on!

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