Riotous Romp

“My Camelot is different from the legendary Camelot.This difference is easy to explain; my story describes what happened in Camelot in a different parallel universe. Onto the story! Remember, you have been warned!”
Hank Quense, Author of Moxie’s Decision

Talk about writing dangerously! A great gift popped out of my mailbox — a copy of my writing buddy Hank Quense’s new novel, Moxie’s Decision. What a delightful romp! Moxie is unlike any other Camelot-ish character you’ve ever met. And so are King Artie, Merlin, Lancelot — and the rest of the Zany crew Hank has dreamed up to make us laugh out loud. Here’s what I love best about this one-of-a-kind fantasy:

Moxie’s an Original: I first met this annoying but enormously appealing character in Hank’s earlier book, Moxie’s Problem. What’s her problem? You name it! She’s got father issues, career issues, relationship issues. In Moxie’s Decision, we see her work her way through them in her own wacky way and emerge victorious. Hank’s done something that’s hard to do: create a hilarious yet heart-warming character — someone we want to root for.

Camelot Rocks: This kingdom is wild — and so much fun! We see King Artie organizing a football league, Merlin chasing women and playing Freud, Moxie training to be a knight and falling in love with a big bruiser — parallel universe is right! I don’t know how Hank conjured all this up, but I’m glad he did, because it’s a riot — I couldn’t put the book down.

Merriment Reigns: There’s nothing more satisfying to me as a reader than a story that puts a heroine through the wringer and then lets her come out on top. But Moxie’s Decision is more than just an entertaining romp — it’s also thought-provoking in a lighthearted way. What would the world be like if countries solved their differences on the playing field instead of the battle field? Why do we have such a romanticized view of Camelot? What need does it fulfill?

If you’re in the mood for fantasy that will catapult you to another world, check out Moxie’s Problem and Moxie’s Decision. Visit Amazon or better yet, go to — click on “Princess Moxie’s Home Page” and watch the adorable Lego-inspired trailer. Bravo, Hank — Write on!

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2 Responses to Riotous Romp

  1. hankquense says:

    Wow, Karin. What an awesome review! And thank you for helping me improve the story. The last scene in the book is there because you convinced me the story needed it.

    • Hi Hank,

      Sounds like you enjoyed the review as much as I enjoyed “Moxie’s Decision” —
      which was a lot! So glad my suggestion about the end rang true for you —
      Moxie definitely deserved the last word after all she went through.
      Hope the books fly off the shelves and through cyberspace!

      Write on,

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