Keep Going

“Persistence beats brains any day. Nothing is more important than persistence. The best idea in the world is useless unless someone pursues it.”
Ed Smith

Here’s a question: When you hit a rough patch in your writing life, how do you handle it? Right now, I’m going through one myself. I’m moving from revision mode to submission mode and finding the transition a bit rocky.

Until recently, I’ve been in the warm and fuzzy zone of revision. While it’s been challenging, I’ve enjoyed Being in the cozy cocooning stage, where I’m just working on my story and sharing it with a few people. Now, I have to move out of my comfort zone and step my story out in order to find an agent. I need to keep my persistence level high.

One strategy that’s helping me weather this shift is simple but powerful: I stick to my daily routine. For example, I always begin my day by reading passages in a handful of inspiring books. One is a devotional with daily quotes I like to savor and reflect on. Then I have a little exercise routine that gets my adrenalin pumping. These start-up activities don’t take long, but they give me a mental and emotional boost and help me launch into my day. Right now, I’m finding them especially helpful. Here’s why:

They anchor me: When moving out of my comfort zone, I’ve found it helpful to have a few elements in my life that I can count on: consistency can be calming.

They provide a safe haven: Whatever else is happening in my writing life, I know I can Find solace and pleasure in my little rituals and routines.

They inspire gratitude: My little set of routines remind me to take pleasure in the day before me and to be grateful that I am pursuing work I love and want to be worthy of.

They help me stay on purpose: Just the simple act of completing my daily activities seems to start my day off well. I feel ready to take on whatever comes my way.

How about you? Are there any daily routines or rituals that you find soothing and uplifting? I’d love to hear about them. Write on!

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