Pitch Perfect

Pitchapalooza with Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry — authors of the terrific newly updated handbook, The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published — what an enriching, entertaining event! Arielle and David were joined by seasoned agent Joelle Delbourgo and Ylonda Gault Caviness, author of Child, Please.

What’s a Pitchapalooza? It’s an opportunity for aspiring writers to present a one-minute “pitch” about their book projects and get constructive feedback from Arielle, David, and friends. In all, 20 people had the chance to “sell” their story ideas. Among them:

A thriller based around the Cuban Missile crisis;

An irreverent guide to generating media coverage;

A cookbook framed around people’s cooking “personalities;

A policeman’s perspective on improving race relations;

A book about overcoming the effects of bullying as an adult;

A guide to the freelance economy by a 6-figure freelancer;

A story about a biracial young woman’s coming of age;

A thriller about a creepy, not-what-it-seems summer camp.

A thriller about an amateur boat builder on the Jersey shore.

What an amazing array of books-to-be sizzled on stage — it was so exciting! A few tips on pitching from the panel:

Keep it short: Find a way to hook your listeners in 60 seconds.

Keep it simple: Don’t let your plot run away with your pitch.

Keep it hopeful: Good nonfiction titles are uplifting, not downbeat.

Keep it tense: Convey conflict, both external and internal.

Keep it visual: Use provocative scenes and images to grab attention.

Keep it human: Give listeners a hero/heroine they can root for.

And finally, the two main reasons agents reject fiction: 1) they didn’t connect with the character, and 2) they’re looking for a fresh voice.

For more valuable advice on crafting, selling, and marketing books, check out thebookdoctors.com — and write on!

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