Comeback City

“They just keep coming after you…they keep fighting, they keep putting runners in
scoring position. If they don’t get it done one inning, they get it done the next.
They just keep coming at you until they get that big hit.”
David Wright of the Mets talking about the Kansas City Royals

“Think about two words for Kansas City: relentless and resilient.”
Joe Buck, sports commentator

Wow! What a World Series! I haven’t watched baseball in quite a while — we were major Yankees fans when Alex was growing up. But this World Series was something special — unforgettable and inspiring because of the scrappy, don’t-quit-can’t-fail spirit that the Royals brought to the field.

In the fifth and final game of the series, the Royals were losing for 9 innings, 2-0, then tied the score, and went on to win by five runs after playing 12 innings. Incredibly, it was their 8th come-from-behind win in the post-season. The grit and go-for-it! mindset the Royals brought to their first World Series win since 1985 is one we writers can admire and take to heart. Here’s what we all need:

A passionate goal: After losing the World Series in 2014 by just 90 feet, the Royals came roaring back. They brought heart, desire, and competitiveness to their playing all year. They were on a mission to win this time around. They struggled and suffered together in order to reach their goal as a team.

A winning attitude: No matter how many runs they were losing by in the five games I saw, the Royals always stayed sharp and hustled. They never looked down or defeated. They had a “never die, never-quit attitude. We continue to push it if it’s not in our favor,” as one player put it. They acted and played like champions.

A small-steps strategy: Instead of going for big, out-of-the-park hits, the Royals focused on getting base hit after base hit, working their way aggressively around the field — stealing bases and taking risks to keep the ball in play. In the end, all their base hits added up to a win.

A flair for seizing opportunities: Whenever the Mets made even a small error, the Royals jumped in with both feet — pushing forward until they parlayed even the smallest crack into an open door they could storm through.

Relentless and resilient — just like the Royals, that’s what we have to be when it comes to the ups and downs we face in our writing life. Comeback City — that’s what one sports pro called Kansas City in honor of the Royals. But you know what? Just like the Royals, we’re residents of Comeback City, too, because we all have obstacles to overcome. Write on!

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