Every Day

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Every day is a fresh beginning
Every morn is the world made new.
Here is a beautiful hope for me.
And a beautiful hope for you.”

As we begin the new year full of fresh hope and old longings, it seems wise to pause for a moment and remember that every morning “the world is made new” and that each and every day can be “the best day in the year” for us. How wonderful to know that we have so many opportunities to make a new beginning!

An empty page is a new beginning: It’s a clean slate, a chance for us to find something new and exciting to share — something we may not have thought of before. That empty page is an invitation, a hope, a prayer, an opportunity, even a refuge from a world of distractions and difficult circumstances. How wonderful to know that each new page offers us a chance to begin anew!

A fresh idea is a new beginning: So often ideas flit by us, drifting on the ether, just waiting for us to pay attention to them, to listen, to see, to feel, to remember, to record. A fresh idea is a gift and one that too often we let slip away without unwrapping it and seeing what’s inside. But every new idea we have gives us the opportunity for a new beginning.

An open mind is a new beginning: It’s easy to get caught up in a story we’ve spun and sometimes it’s hard to let go of characters or scenes or passages that aren’t really working all that well. But if we can relax and loosen up even just a bit, sometimes we create just enough space for something inventive and far better to pop up and surprise us. Every time we open ourselves to the unplanned, the unexpected can happen — and create a new beginning.

A playful heart is a new beginning: When we come to the page with joy and excitement, no matter what the challenges we face, we lift ourselves up. When we find pleasure in our work, our readers experience our pleasure on the page.

Here’s to every day being the best day as we all write on!

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