Energy Enhancers

Just as our focus ebbs and flows during the day, so does our energy. To help us stay sharp and alert on the page, here are a few simple tips we can easily apply any time and anywhere to give us a boost:

Soothe stress: When you feel anxious or overwhelmed by worry, take a break: Close your eyes and visualize a lit candle. See the flame flickering each time a stressful thought crops up. Concentrate on keeping the flame as still as possible. This easy exercise creates a sense of calm by helping to stop the mind from wandering to upsetting thoughts. As you grow quiet and steadier, you’ll find your ability to focus renewed.

Quiet mental chatter: White tea has far less caffeine than other teas and because it’s harvested earlier and is less processed, it’s loaded with healthful antioxidants and is more calming. A quick dose of white tea can also help cut through the “background chatter” in the mind that makes it hard to concentrate by revving up activity in the area of the brain that helps us maintain focus.

Fight fatigue: If you’re feeling a little low on energy, here’s a quick- and-easy acupressure trick to give yourself a pick-me-up: Just massage up and down your ears firmly for 2 minutes. This triggers the production of energizing hormones that will make you more alert for the next 1-1/2 hours (definitely have to try this!)

Sharpen your recall: Want to remember a useful bit of information — whether it’s a story you’ve heard or an article you’ve read? Then share it with a friend or family member. According to the journal Consciousness and Cognition, you’re more likely to remember it if you recount it than if you just repeat the information to yourself: Communicating with others engages a part of the brain that strengthens memory.

So now that we’re all more alert, focused, and awake, let’s write on!

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