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One of the most effective ways to build your credibility and writing resume is to win a well-established, reputable writing contest. With this in mind, I wanted to alert you to the Writer’s Digest’s 16th Annual Short Short Writing Competition. The deadline: January 15, 2016.

If you have a short piece of fiction you love that weighs in at 1500 words or less sitting on your computer or in a file, then why not pull it out and consider sending it in? Here are more details:

The First Place Winner will receive:

$3,000 in cash
Your short story title featured in Writer’s Digest’s July/August 2016 issue
A paid trip to the 2016 Writer’s Digest Conference
Copies of the 16th Annual Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition Collection, the 2016 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market, and the 2016 Guide to Literary Agents

The Second Place Winner will receive $1500 in cash and other prizes, and the Third Place winner, $500 in cash and several prizes. In addition, all entrants will receive free access to a Writer’s Digest February 23, 2016, webinar “Short Story to Story Collection: How to Craft a Collection of Short Fiction That Gets Published and Sells.”

Your submission must be an original story in English, unpublished and not accepted by any other publisher or producer at the time of entry. Writer’s Digest retains one-time nonexclusive rights to the winning entries to be showcased in a Writer’s Digest publication. Any piece posted online (except on a personal blog) is considered published.

So, if you have an intriguing idea and a short, well-crafted tale, why not check out the submission requirements at — and write on!

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