Mr. Bluebrid

“Zippety do dah, zippety yay,
My, oh, my, what a wonderful day.
Plenty of sunshine comin’ my way.
Zippety do dah, zippety yay.

Mr. Bluebird’s on my shoulder,
It’s the truth, it’s actual
Everything is satisfactual.
Zippety do dah, zippety yay.
My, oh, my what a wonderful day!”

Just this morning on the way back from a run, this little ditty popped into my head. It’s from an old Disney movie. Whenever I hear it, I smile. It reminds me just how energizing and uplifting a positive attitude is . Plenty of sunshine, coming my way. A bluebird on my shoulder. A wonderful day. That’s the side of the street I want to walk on. How about you?

A recent global internet poll asked people what they felt the key to happiness is. The results? Of those surveyed, 4% said it was money, 7% said creativity, 8% said achievements, 25% said love, and a whopping 56% said mental attitude.

Attitude — the way we view a situation or circumstance — can make all the difference in how we respond to it and the results that flow from that response. And the best thing about attitude is that it’s within our control: It’s a choice. It’s not something we’re born with, it’s something we can choose.

No matter what’s happening outside us: the weather, circumstances, unexpected obstacles, unplanned distractions we have the power to decide if and how they are going to affect us.

Our attitude is infectious — it infects the people around us and the people who come our way. If we bring enthusiasm, curiosity, confidence, and openness to our day — if we believe there’s plenty of sunshine coming our way, then we throw open the windows to possibility and fresh breezes can give wings to our ideas.

So, let’s choose to be hopeful, playful, zestful. Let’s choose to let go of the need to get things perfect and just get them going. Let’s choose to see whatever roadblocks we hit as an invitation to explore new byways and discover hidden treasures. Let’s look up and see Mr.Bluebird on our shoulders — and write on!

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