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Whatever your genre and theme, there are more and more avenues available to gain exposure and recognition for your self-published book. One of best-established and most reputable competitions is coming up: the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards. It’s open to books in nine categories: Children’s Picture Books, Genre Fiction, Inspirational, Mainstream/Literary Fiction, Memoirs/Life Stories, Middle-Grade/YA, Nonfiction, Poetry, and Reference. Early bird deadline: April 1.

One Grand Prize winner in each category will receive wide exposure and a host of benefits:

• $8,000 in cash
• A feature article about you and your book in the March/April 2017 Writer’s Digest
• A press release from Writer’s Digest sent along with a copy of your book, to 10
different major publishing review houses
• A paid trip to the upcoming Writer’s Digest Conference
• A guaranteed review in Midwest Book Review
• Guaranteed acceptance in a special sales catalog, providing the Grand Prize Winner
with national representation through 60,000 salespeople
• Free consulting from publishing experts

In addition, every entrant will receive free access to a special 60-minute live webinar just for submitting their work.

Getting the word out about a new book is challenging for self-published authors, but the right exposure can help you find the right audience and might even attract interest from the traditional publishing community. So, if you have a self-published book that you believe breaks new ground and demonstrates a level of professionalism that you are proud of, why not consider submitting it for consideration? Write on.

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