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As the independent publishing community continues to blossom, there are ever-more resources available to help fledgling authors navigate the ins and outs of self-publishing. Here are a sampling of resources that may prove helpful if you’re planning to go this route or have already arrived and want to connect with like-minded authors or learn the ropes:

Alliance of Independent Authors: This non-profit professional association offers a range of resources, from access to free legal or contract advice to tips on crowdfunding. This site launched by Bowker offers helpful, user-friendly advice on the production side of publishing as well as valuable how-to tips on marketing and promotion by seasoned pros. It’s a great first stop for anyone who wants an overview of self-publishing.

The Indie Writer’s Network: This is a global community of more than a thousand writers who connect via social media to share their expertise as indie writers and to promote their work. The site also features a helpful directory and service listings of vendors.

Association of Independent Authors: This group focuses on supporting self-published authors by providing them with resources and expertise to boost their business knowledge, professionalism, and earnings potential.

instaFreebie: This site offers authors and publishers a simple hosting platform for attracting readers via protected ebook giveaways. It’s designed as a cost-effective tool for helping authors gain exposure in an increasingly crowded publishing space.

IndieReader: A site offering exposure to self-published authors, Indie Reader is a “venue for discriminating book-lovers to find and purchase books published by the people who wrote them.” IndieReader offers authors professionally written reviews and industry-related articles that explore all aspects of independent publishing.

Whatever your publishing goals, a helping hand is always a timely tool. Write on!

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