Boosting Creativity

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”   Albert Einstein

Creativity is boundless and every artistic discipline has something to share with us as writers. There’s so much that we can learn about playfulness and pushing past our comfort zones. In a story called, “Creativity in Color” (Writer’s Digest, September 2016), Leigh Anne Jasheway, a comedy writer and author of more than 20 books, interviewed artists in an array of fields about ways to boost creativity. In the article and in an online exclusive, they offered some provocative, helpful ideas:

Malya Becker, an artist of recycled materials: Creativity creates creativity: Explore different ways of expressing yourself in order to keep your wellspring well fed.

Noelle Dass, a painter: See the creative process as a puzzle you have a chance to solve — this will help engage your left brain.

Patrice Dotson, painter, poet, and novelist: “Believing in yourself is the key to maintaining creativity throughout your lifetime.” Take actions that help support your self-confidence.

Sara Hickman, singer-songwriter: “Probably our most creative state is when we dream. I look at my dreams as a gift my brain has given me.” Write down your dreams — use them as creative fodder.

Kathy LaMontagne, actress and interior designer: Expose yourself on a regular basis to things that excite and amaze you by going to museums and concerts, and spending time enjoying nature.

Debra Jo Hart, speaker, clown, and nurse: “Gratitude can open the door to new ideas.” Don’t limit yourself by labeling things “good ideas” or “bad ideas” — just make a decision to explore your passions fully.

Mike Naun, retired musical comedian: Take an improv class — it will help you learn to summon up ideas quickly, building resilience, and your confidence in the fact that you’ll never run out of creativity.

When it comes to creativity, whatever works, works. Write on!

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