Success Srategy

“The secret of success is constancy to purpose.”
Benjamin Disraeli

“Recipe for Success

1. Take a dream
2. Mix it with motivation + action
3. Add long hours of practice + discipline

YIELD:  Your goal, whatever it may be.”

Dennis Waitley and Reni L. Witt
The Joy of Working

My wonderful friend and mentor Coach Mike Tully is fond of saying that “life isn’t a talent game, it’s a strategy game.” We’re just launching a new year, so let’s keep things simple: Let’s each frame a strategy — a plan of action — for taking our writing to the next level. Dennis Waitley is a highly respected motivational speaker with a track record for
helping people jump start their dreams and push them past the finish line. His “Recipe for Success” looks as like a winner to me, so let’s take a closer look at what it demands of us:

1. Take a dream: Whenever I talk with fellow writers, I find that they usually have one big dream for themselves — one big goal they yearn to accomplish. It may be finishing a novel, finding an agent, or getting a book into publication. What’s your dream? Whatever it is, why not take some time now, while the year is fresh and new to dust it off, polish it, and put it down on paper?

2. Mix it with motivation + action: To stay true to our dreams, we need a big enough “why” to keep us motivated — to keep us excited and juiced so we have the incentive to keep moving toward it steadily, no matter what comes our way. And the, to keep our dream alive, we need to stoke it our faith and enthusiasm by taking action  consistently, so it stays energized and retains its vitality.

3. Add long hours of practice + discipline: Practice and discipline are the twin pillars of action. When we are willing to put in the time and energy our dream demands and to express our “constancy to purpose” through sustained effort, our dreams take flight. They’re not just idle hopes or vague wishes, they are molded by practice and discipline into something tangible and fulfilling — something we can be proud of.

OK, now we have a strategy for success, so let’s all write on!

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