“That’s Doable!”

“We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible.”
Vince Lombardi

A cute little coffee store just opened near me and as I sauntered by it on Sunday, I saw Vince’s quote emblazoned on a chalk board. An avid quote collector, I tapped it into my iPhone (love that “Notes” feature!). While surely inspired by the Super Bowl, it also holds
great wisdom for us as writers.

How many times, in life and in our writing, have we failed to take action or dismissed a dream because it seems too big, too bold, something we’re not really capable of doing — impossible? It might be writing a novel or finding a top agent or stepping out of one genre
into another, or getting published. Whatever that elusive, seemingly impossible, goal is — how can we dump our inhibiting “can’t do” attitude and embrace a “can do” one? How can we move from impossible to possible?

Here’s a simple strategy: How about jettisoning the word “impossible” from our scrivening vocabulary? Who needs it? In my old Century dictionary, “impossible” is followed by the word “impostor” — and with good reason — because “impossible” is a “deceiver” — a fraudulent untruth that’s designed to trick us into thinking that we
can’t have or do what we want.

Muhammad Ali once said, “Impossible is nothing.” Think about it. He’s absolutely right, isn’t he? Impossible is no thing — it’s just a word, fashioned from air and fear. Let’s take the wind out of it. Whenever that pesky¬† word ‘impossible” crops up in relation to our writing, let’s quickly shift to “That’s doable!” and then focus on figuring out
what steps we can take to get it done. Write on!

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