Thank You!

Today, February 23rd, is a personal day of thanksgiving for me. I have so much to be grateful for: my wonderful family and friends, my work as a writer, which I cherish, and all of my creative fellow scribes, who inspire me every day. I thought I’d take a few moments to say thank you.

Thank you to my friend and mentor Dr. Rob Gilbert, whose wonderful Success Hotline (973.743.4690) means so much to me. I listen to it every day. Rob’s motivational mission really inspired me to launch my KWD motivational blog for writers in honor of my beloved mom Dorothy and my sister Judy. I wanted to share my love of writing and to offer inspiration and encouragement to my fellow writers. The writing life is wonderful, but it can sometimes be lonely and dispiriting. I wanted to bring some light to it.

Thank you to my KWD kindred spirits for reading my posts and sharing your writing journeys with me. Whenever I receive a comment in my email in box, I feel so happy and blessed. It gives me a huge boost to know that I’ve shared something — a quote or an idea or a strategy — that brightens your day and, hopefully, gives you a shot of energy so you can keep going and push past whatever obstacles you’re facing. Knowing that you are reading KWD motivates me to keep going as well, so we are helping each other.

Thank you to my inner spirit, my writing muse. When I launched KWD, I had a few random ideas for a handful of posts. But as my intention to continue grew stronger, my sources of inspiration blossomed (see Idea Magnet). Everywhere I turned, fruitful new themes seemed to pop out at me. I learned something very powerful from this: Our creative well is never dry. Many nights when I’ve sat down to pen my next day’s post, I’ve had no clue about what I was going to write — yet something has always bubbled up inside me or jumped out at me. The more we ask of ourselves creatively, the more we have to give: what a wonderful discovery this has been for me.

And a huge thank you to all storytellers, past and present. Sharing your struggles and triumphs has been such an enlivening experience: Above all, it has shown me the kind of grit and discipline I need to make my own writing dreams come alive — not just on the page, but out in the world.

Thank you, one and all! I hope to keep going and growing as a writer and to bring more inspiration to ever-more aspiring authors as we all write on.

About karinwritesdangerously

I am a writer and this is a motivational blog designed to help both writers and aspiring writers to push to the next level. Key themes are peak performance, passion, overcoming writing roadblocks, juicing up your creativity, and the joys of writing.
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4 Responses to Thank You!

  1. seegogga says:

    Your blog is always positive and inspiring. Thank you!

    • Hi,

      Thank you so much — I’m so happy to hear that you are

      finding inspiration and support on your writing journey

      from the ideas and thoughts I share. My KWD readers

      inspire me every day and I’m so grateful!

      Write on,



  2. Diane Masucci says:

    Dear Karin, Congratulations, Karin. I don’t know of another site like yours — you are generous and supportive and remind all of us of the challenges in this crazy craft we continue to work in. Good job. And for the first time today (as I tried to pull myself out of a muddy rut) I listened to Dr. Gilbert’s Success Hotline and I’m pulling myself out. You are a real gem!!!! Warmly, Diane Masucci >

    • Dear Diane,

      Thank you so much for your lovely note — your kind words mean so

      much to me! I am so happy to hear that my KWD posts are supporting

      and encouraging you in your writing — that is exactly why I began my

      blog. And I’m so glad you are calling Rob Gilbert’s Success Hot Line —

      (973.743.4690) — I call it every single day, even on weekends, and it

      has helped me so much in my work and my life. Bravo!

      Write on,



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