“Fresh Start”

“Sometimes all we need is a fresh start. Newness inside.
Store sandwich board

One of my greatest inspirations is the store signs I see as I walk around my hometown: People’s words of inspiration are like little gems of wisdom dropping in my path.

A “fresh start” — that’s what today offers us. No matter what we’ve been working on — or struggling with — on the page, we have the chance to start afresh, to make something new — something big, bold, and exciting — happen. It’s in our hands. And according to my trusty Century Dictionary, we have a lot to look forward to today! Here’s a tantalizing glimpse of all the power the word “fresh” holds for us:

“New, not previously known, novel;”

“Additional, further (as, fresh supplies);”

“Newly made, arrived (as, a book fresh from the printers);”

“Inexperienced, unsophisticated: (as, “How green you are and fresh in
this old world!”, Shakespeare’s King John);

“Not preserved by pickling, salting, drying, etc.;”

“Fit for drinking: pure, cool, or refreshing;”

“Not stale, musty; also, not faded, worn, sullied or tarnished;”

“Looking youthful and healthy (as, a fresh and fair old man);

“Not exhausted or fatigued (as to feel fresh after a long exertion);”

“Brisk, vigorous; also in a refreshed condition: renewed;”

“Imparting new strength and vigor (as, fresh blood);”

“New elements bringing fresh force, ideas, etc.”

Wow! Pure, unsullied, vigorous, youthful, fresh force: Let’s embrace all the possibilities a “fresh start” offers us today — tap into our “newness inside” — and write on!

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