Walt’s Way

“The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.”

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
Walt Disney

It’s hard to think of anyone who can share better advice about turning
our sparks of creativity into stories than our friend Walt. Here are
five bits of advice a write once gleaned from Walt’s approach to
turning dreams into reality:

1.  Think tomorrowmake today an investment in tomorrow:  While staying in the present helps us bring life to the page, it’s also true that seeing each day as part of a string of tomorrows can be very motivating. It can help us see that everything we accomplish today can move us forward toward completing our writing goal, whatever it is.

2.  Free up your imagination — we can usually do more than we ever thought we could: How true this is! Our imagination is boundless –it knows nothing of time or distance. It can carry us anywhere at anytime. What a gift it is! Why not think of ourselves as “imagineers” — adventurers exploring not just the depths of the ocean, but the fathomless secrets of the human heart. What more worthy endeavor can there be?

3.  Strive for lasting quality — don’t cut corners, do everything the best you can the first time: I love this gem! This challenges us to bring our A-Game to the page every day — to arrive at our work with a can-do, uplifted attitude and a strong, sparkling work ethic that prompts us to give our very best at every moment. If we can learn to bring this way of working to our work, what can’t we do?

4.  Stick-to-it-ivity — don’t quit too soon, hang in there: Cultivating this quality in ourselves in things both little and big can be so powerful! If we don’t quit, if we keep going, if we make a decision that we’ll get where we want to go come hell or high water, then everything else becomes simple, obstacles begin to fall away. Persistence makes us unstoppable and it’s a gift we can give ourselves each and every day.

5.  Have fun! — what better motivators can there be than joy and a sense of fun? When we bring these to the page, we find again that childlike innocence that makes every day a miracle and every moment a discovery. When we drop all the angst and the pressure and write for the joy of it, our words have wings. Have fun! Have fun! Have fun!

What a what a wonderful set of daily prompts for us! Any one of them can help us bring our writing to life full of energy and joy. Write on!

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