Act Enthusiastic!

“Always be the most enthusiastic person in the room.”
Bear Grylls, adventurist, advice from his dad

“To become enthusiastic, act enthusiastic.”
Frank Bettger

“Absorbing or controlling possession of the mind by an interest or pursuit; passionate zeal; ardor” — what a gift  and how we admire someone who possesses abundant enthusiasm!

Enthusiasm — intoxicating elixir of the gods! Who among us wouldn’t love to be able to drink deeply from its wellspring and bring its joyful energy to our writing every day? Well, we can!

So says Frank Bettger in his classic book, How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling. In a chapter called, “How One Idea Multiplied My Income and Happiness,” he gives a rousing recipe for igniting enthusiasm:

“Can you acquire enthusiasm — or must you be born with it? Certainly, you can acquire it!

“Enthusiasm is by far the highest paid quality on earth, probably because it is one of the rarest; yet, it is one of the most contagious. If you are enthusiastic, your listener is very likely to become enthusiastic, even though you may present your ideas poorly…

“Enthusiasm isn’t merely an outward expression. Once you begin to acquire it, enthusiasm works constantly within you. You may be sitting quietly in your home…an idea occurs to you…that idea begins to develop…finally, you become consumed with enthusiasm…nothing can stop you.

“It will help you overcome fear, be more successful in business, make more money, and enjoy a healthier, richer, and happier life.

“When can you begin? Right now, just say to yourself, ‘This is one thing I can do.’

“How can you begin? There is just one rule: To become enthusiastic — act enthusiastic.

“Put this rule into action for thirty days and be prepared to see astonishing results. It easily may revolutionize your entire life.

“Stand up on your hind legs each morning, and repeat, with powerful gestures and all the enthusiasm you can generate, these words:

Force yourself to act enthusiastic, and you’ll become enthusiastic!”

What a simple strategy. Let’s go for it! Today’s Day 1 of our 30-day, journey into the joyful Land of Enthusiasm. Let’s get going — and write on!

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