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There are always many wonders awaiting me on the three days that I jog each week when the weather is fine. There are all kinds of different houses and yards t look at on my way to the jogging track — and now that Spring is here, plenty of colorful flowers and buds. One thing that makes each jaunt a little adventure is the incidental sources of inspiration I happen upon as I walk to the park to exercise.

Sometimes these are visuals that spark my imagination and set me thinking about a scene in my novel and how to make it more colorful. More often than not, these nuggets of inspiration come in the form of words — a sign on a truck, for example. I see these as little gifts from the universe and  enjoy making them part of my day. I think of them as little messages from the universe. Yesterday, I came upon four of these incidental inspirers:

“After winter comes spring; change comes eventually” — a quote I saw on a sandwich board at café called “The Local,” which is on my route. Whoever owns this cute little shop is a quote lover like me and I always enjoy seeing what inspires him or her — it often inspires me as well. “Change comes eventually” — always a good bit of advice to remember when you are working on a revision and it’s resisting!

“I’m lonely too” — I pulled open the handle of a mailbox enroute to drop in a letter and on its midnight blue lip hidden inside was a little sticker someone has put there with these three words on it. The words were etched on a photo of what looks like a German World War I photo. A word mystery — arresting and intriguing! “I’m lonely too” — who left this heartfelt message for any one who happened to open the mailbox? Why?

“An African elephant can turn the pages of a book with its trunk” — As I was walking down a familiar street, I saw a metal Snapple cap lying on the grass. I scooped it up intending to toss it in a recycling bin. It’s one of those caps with words etched inside and, of course, I was compelled to read them. When I did, this little gem greeted me. Elephants turning the pages of books — what a fantastic, adorable visual! I had to laugh at the sight of elephants wandering around in my head reading “Hamlet” or “A Tale of Two Cities.”

“Longest Yard” — I saw this company name emblazoned on a white truck — just like a white page. When I looked closer, I saw the full sign, “Longest Yard, Flooring Professionals.” What a clever name for someone who lays rugs! The longest yard. What’s the longest yard in my life?
The one when you come to the end of a story and are struggling to finish.

OK, these are the bits of inspiration I found. How about you? Do you look for and find nuggets like this in your daily rounds that amuse and inspire you? If so, I’d love to hear about them. Write on!

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