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“As I concentrate on each word of this thought, ‘now’ slips into the past. My past, then, is nothing more than a history of how I dealt with the irretrievable ‘now.’ So if yesterday is history, tomorrow is a prediction. Only the present exists.

“The future is nothing more than an approaching set of ‘nows.’ During one of these ‘nows,’ I must make a decision that all future ‘nows’ will be different. A brighter future grows out of a brighter ‘now.’ Therefore my future improves only as I make better use of the current moment.”      Danny Cox, There Are no Limits

There Are No limits: Breaking the Barriers in Personal High Performance  — what a great title for a book! Danny Cox is a former Air Force veteran and motivational speaker. What a great reminder his comments offer us about the power of “now” and the importance of staying in the moment.

As Danny says so well, yesterday is already history and the future is no more than a prediction — “an approaching set of nows.” So “now” is the springboard for creating the future. How liberating this is! And how much power it gives us today: Just think about the journey “now” can take us on:

“Now” releases us from the past. Whatever path our writing took yesterday, the slate is wiped clean. We can begin again, with courage and intention. We can overcome yesterday.

“Now” gives us the chance to be great. Now, today can be the best writing day we’ve ever had! Today holds everything we need within it — it’s full of promise and potential. All we have to do is accept the no-limits freedom it offers.

“Now” holds the key to our future. What we do today will shape all our tomorrows to come. A handful of precious hours, it gives us the opportunity to improve our craft and to pursue the writing life. What a gift!

“Now” allows us to exercise our intention and commitment. It offers us the chance to act on our hopes and dreams — to transform them from “wishes” and “wants” into “wills.”

“Now” has everything we need — let’s use it well as we all write on!

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