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BookBaby is a well-established independent publishing resource. It hosts a wonderful writing blog and offers practical advice on all aspects of self-publishing. It is especially attuned to the importance of marketing and promotion — aspects of publishing that many writers, both traditional and indie, need support for.

So if you are seriously considering the self-publishing route for a project of yours, here’s a heads up: BookBaby is hosting an Independent Authors Conference from Friday, November 3 to Sunday, November 5 in Philadelphia. The conference covers every facet of getting your book written, published, and promoted — and there are a host of presenters with practical experience to help guide you to mastery of the process. Through May 31, there’s an Early Bird Fee of $99.00, so you may want to check out the program and see if it’s right for you. A quick preview:

Self-Publishing Boot Camp: This four-hour intensive covers  a gauntlet of topics including book creation, distribution, formatting and conversion, and social media marketing.

Become a Recognized Thought Leader: This session offers successful case studies and proven strategies for developing the right relationships for your book and business.

From Traditional Publishing To Self-Publishing: Scott Bilker learned a lot from his parents’ success with traditional publishing and used it to sell more than 225,000 books as an indie author. He’ll share strategies and tips.

Other topics include: defining your ideal reader, marketing strategies, getting and leveraging reviews, avoiding costly pitfalls, branding, building an author platform, revision, generating publicity, and nonfiction book promotion. For more information, visit:

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