Astound Yourself

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”
Thomas Edison

Who better to inspire us to dig deeper and tap into our hidden capabilities than tireless Thomas? Just think of all he accomplished and how he amazed not only himself, but the entire world. Not only was he a monumentally creative inventor, but he’s also been called the most important contributor to the 20th century.

And yet, as a kid, virtually everyone around him predicted he’d be a failure in life. His hearing was damaged in an accident and he had a hard time focusing in school. At one point a teacher sent him home with a note to his mother saying that he wasn’t capable of learning and she didn’t want him in her classroom. When Thomas asked his mother what was in the note, that wise woman told him his teacher had written that he was so smart she had no more to teach him. Many years later, he found that note hidden away in his mother’s things. Thomas went on to educate himself — and astounded the world.

Armed with belief in himself fueled by his mother, Thomas tapped into an bottomless well of creativity. According to him, we each have this same capacity to astonish inside us.

So, what would it mean if you aimed to “literally astound” yourself?

First, you’d believe that you had an endless well of imagination and intelligence to draw upon in your writing. Second, you’d believe that you were supremely well equipped to come up with inventive solutions to any problems you faced. Third, no matter what obstacles cropped up, you would see them as feedback and fuel. And finally, you would know that you were totally capable of conjuring up something new and fresh — something delightfully original. Why not take Thomas at his word? Why not choose his story about who we are?

Why not choose to “wonder, marvel, admire, surprise” — and write on?

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