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“Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple.”    C.W. Cerar

We are walking miracles! Every one of us, every moment of the day has access to the most amazing and complicated creation on earth — the one that makes us all geniuses who can reduce the complexity we see to simplicity — our brains. As writers, what more miraculous tool do we have?

We often take this precious gift for granted, but this week, we’re going to explore it in a series of posts inspired by the Center for Brain Health, which has some wonderfully practical advice about boosting our brain power.

As a first step, we’re going to dip into When Life Throws You a Curve Ball, Hit It by Criswell Freeman, for some inspiring insights into the marvels of our mind:

“Composed of trillions of separate yet interconnected cells, your brain allows you to live, breathe, think, hope, and dream:”

“As you read these words, your heart continues to beat, your blood pressure and temperature are regulated, and a multitude of internal organs sustain your bodily functions. Your eyes focus and refocus as you read down the page… In addition, you have enough spare brainpower to think about the words you are reading. Amazing, isn’t it?

“Your brain never rests. Even while you are sleeping, it keeps working, never stopping for a single moment. It gives most of us a lifetime of service with very few mechanical problems. Though the brain contains trillions of moving parts, it’s never closed for repairs — it just keeps doing the job, day after day.

“Over a lifetime, your mind compiles a complicated, interwoven series of beliefs, hopes, wants, and needs. The result is your unique personality, one that is different from any other living human — past or present.

“Considering it all, your brain is almost unbelievable in its miraculous powers. Possibly, you have been taking all this brainpower for granted. If so, it’s time to reconsider. You have at your disposal the most powerful thinking apparatus ever created. Your brain can become your best friend or you worst enemy, depending on how you use it.

“Given the brain’s great potential, one thing seems clear: Your mind is more powerful than your problems.”

We have everything we need to create whatever we want to create. Write on!

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