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I’m a winter baby, and as we enter the dog days of summer, I can feel myself slowing down and getting a bit sluggish, so any simple ideas I can find to give keep myself alert and open to new ideas are worth looking into. Here are a few that can help us all:*

Move to motivate: A brief, 10-minute walk in the morning pumps brain- revving oxygen throughout your body, energizing you for two hours afterward. Another benefit: Exposure to sunlight makes you feel twice as alert. Morning walkers also fall asleep more easily and wake up feeling more rested and alert than evening strollers. Another tip: Swinging your arms across your body while you walk stimulates both sides of your brain, boosting your mood and making you feel more awake.

Think violet: This is often called the favorite color of creatives, because it stimulates the imagination. According to researchers, looking at this shade of purple stimulates the area of the brain responsible for out-of-the-box thinking. Violet also induces theta waves in the brain, helping subdue negative thought that can repress imagination. So adding of touch of purple, say flowers or a beautiful card, can help boost your creativity.

Sip water: Lack of hydration can make you feel both physically and mentally off, so keeping water handy through the day is a simple way to keep yourself more alert and open to ideas. Sipping it, not chugging it, it is the way to go: It’s easier for the body to absorb it a little at a time, so this staves off fatigue. Sipping chilled water during your day also helps, experts say, because your body has to work to warm up icy water. This revs up your metabolism and energy.

Reboot with naps: Naps don’t just relieve stress, they also make problem-solving easier. During a brief break, our subconscious often releases a flood of new ideas. And there’s an added benefit: A 15-to-20 minute nap is more effective at short-circuiting afternoon sleepiness than spending more than an extra hour in bed in the morning.

OK! Simple tips we can use to recharge our creativity as we all write on!

* Our creativity boosters are from the wonderful Woman’s World.

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