Improving Performance

“Change your strategy, change your results.”   Dr. Rob Gilbert

“Success in general, in almost any endeavor, is made possible by malleable factors—things you can change and improve with effort.”   Brendan Burchard

Brendan Burchard is a best-selling author and productivity expert. He’s just released a new book called, High Performance Habits. Intrigued by the title, I took a sneak peek at the first chapter. In it, he cites key high-impact, “improvable” success factors:

• “the mindset you choose to adopt
• the focus you give to your passions, and the persistence you pursue them with
• the amount of practice you dedicate yourself to
• the way you understand and treat others
• the discipline and constancy with which you strive for your goals
• the way you bounce back from losses
• the amount of physical exercise you do to keep your brain and body fit.”

What an empowering idea: All the ingredients needed for success in any discipline are subject to improvement though conscious, consistent effort. Let’s unpack these:

Our Mindset: The attitude we bring to our work can make all the difference in how we approach it and the results we achieve. We can influence our attitude through our actions.

Our Focus: The intensity and consistency we bring to our writing projects, moving them toward completion steadily.

Our Practice: The amount of time and effort we put into honing our craft, especially in tackling those areas that need strengthening.

Our Support System: The way we reach out to and understand the people around us, and find ways to help them and actively seek their help in achieving our goals.

Our Discipline: The commitment and constancy we bring to our writing and the way we put our desire for improvement into action and produce results.

Our Resiliency: Our ability to meet rejection and obstacles with strength and belief.

Our Stamina: Our ability to keep our minds and bodies strong so we have the energy and drive we need to pursue our projects.

How wonderful! All the ingredients for success are within our reach. Write on!

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