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It’s always a boon for us as writers when the publishing industry comes up with creative ways to help us share our work with a wider audience. Here’s one that’s kicking off this fall: The American Booksellers Association (ABA) and the Authors Guild are teaming up to
orchestrate events at indie bookstores across the country in support of emerging writers. Each event will pair debut and established authors at indies in their local area. The format is simple: a conversation followed by a book signing. The emerging authors have been chosen by indie booksellers for ABA’s Indies Introduce list.

The first events will be hosted in Georgia, California, and New York City. Both the ABA and the Authors Guild believe this partnership has great potential: “The ABA is pleased to be partnering with the Authors Guild to bring greater attention to debut writers,” said Joy Dallanegra-Sanger, ABA senior program officer. “Through the Indies Introduce program, now in its fifth year, independent booksellers have identified many unique, new talents. We look forward to watching the program grow in scope and awareness through the events planned with help from the Authors Guild.”

Authors Guild executive director Mary Rasenberger commented: “We are delighted to work with the ABA on this wonderful initiative, which helps debut authors launch their careers and brings new writers to readers. Events pairing debut and established authors are especially important today, as the world of traditional publishing continues to contract and creative work is devalued online. Writers need each other more than ever. And it begins with those just starting out in thei careers. As the nation’s professional organization for authors, the Authors Guild promotes and supports good literary citizenship among authors wherever… we can.”

“Good literary citizenship” — it’s a mouthful, but it’s the concept that counts. We all have the power to encourage other members in our tribe: kind words at an open mike, an article or news of an upcoming event or contest emailed to a fellow writer, thoughtful feedback — these are fruitful ways in which we can support and inspirit our fellow scribes. So let’s take a tip from the Authors Guild and make being a good literary citizen part of our literary life as we all write on.

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